Monday, February 20, 2012

That week between Christmas and New Year's Eve

Debra actually got home a week and a half before Christmas but this was the first picture we got with her. Jeri changed someone spots so she could be the flight attendant on Debra's flight from Seattle to Portland. Debra did a double take, straight out of the movies.

Jimmy got home two days after Christmas

I found Bobby to be a little wet one night...

He was playing with some bath toys in the sink.

He also loves to hide behind curtains. He will reveal himself the moment you step in the room to try and find him. "Hmmm, I wonder where Bobby could be...("
here!")...oh, there you are!"

Will is still not quite old enough to enjoy the games that Bobby does.

That doesn't stop him from smiling most of the time.

Bobby loves his new pillow pet.

As well as the movie Tangled.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photoless Christmas

Since Bobby broke our camera in October, we really don't have many pictures from November and December. Nelly came over though in November to take these family pictures for us. The intent was to use them for a Christmas card but we never got around to that. So here they are, Merry Christmas everybody!

We went to the 3rd or 4th annual Donkin/Barbur/Rheinlander reunion and someone thought it would be funny to put Will in Lorelai's dress.Yikes.

Here is the first photo I took with our new camera, a few days after Christmas
The samurai sword has been replaced with wedding photos


Thanksgiving dinner #1 - extended Donkin family. We only got a picture with Jackie's immediate family but there were about 40 other people not in this shot.

It's hard to tell but Will had to unbutton his pants a little to make room for all of that food.

Thanksgiving dinner #2 - Jackie's immediate family. Here's Bobby chilling at the kids table with Aurora.

Thanksgiving dinner #3 - Emmett family. We flew into Utah on Thanksgiving morning/afternoon and made it to the house just in time for the delicious feast. No snow on the ground called for some soccer action. My 9 year old cousins are getting pretty good. I can't remember the exact times but it was something like Michael vs Everyone else.

Family picture time. Notice Lily hiding Jack's smile.


We went and saw Body Worlds at OMSI back in October, although body really only cared for the kids play section afterwards. Can't blame him. He soaked through all of his clothes.

A few days before Halloween we took a trip out to Sauvie Island to check out the pumpkins and other festivities. Bobby liked jumping off the hay barrels.

Appears they both enjoyed the hay barrel ride out to the pumpkins.

I know that it is impossible to find a Mormon blog without a few pictures of kids sitting on pumpkins but they always turn out so adorable so you can't blame them.

Here is the group that decided it would be fun to do the corn maze. That was before we realized that we would be trekking through 2 inches of mud the whole time. I imagine corn mazes have become a lot easier since the coming of smart phones, especially when they have the map posted at the beginning. (See below)

Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Abu, and Raja. Unlike the real Aladdin, I decided to wear a t-shirt under my vest.

2 month old Will in his candy coma

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Last Pictures with Camera

Here are the last pictures we have with my camera before Bobby turned it on, dropped it, and messed up the lens. How can you get upset at a smile like that though?

Or this one for that matter...

Not sure why they are rotated.

Yes, Will kicks it in a purple Bumbo.

Will's Baby Blessing Weekend

Grandma and Grandpa Emmett, as well as my sister Kristin, came out for Will's baby blessing weekend. BYU was in town that weekend playing Oregon State so we made the trip to Corvallis. My mom and sister opted to stay home and play with the kids.

Davey's long lost twin.

The gang.

Bobby's love for taking pictures is slowly dying.