Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wedding Photos

Okay, this is my first ever official post on any blog. Wish me luck. Brian showed me how to do this so blame him if it is lousy. Jokes! I thought that we should have some wedding photos on our blog and Brian said I was only allowed to post a few of them. I picked out some cute ones of the bride and groom. We are loving married life! In fact, Brian asked me just yesterday why we didn't get married ten years ago. Well honey, I was an adult ten years ago but you were not. Ha! It's the times when I think of us as 13 and 18 that I really feel I robbed the cradle.

That is not Brian's hair flipping up over his ear. (above) It is a shadow created by the bushes behind. He doesn't like this picture because of it, but I do so here it is!


A walk through Cupid's Grove (or the temple grounds)

That is one good-looking groom

The bride is not so bad herself

I just love this picture because it is what Brian and I do together
most of the time...
We laugh!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Congratulations to Christian and Kennedy

Jackie and I spent this past weekend in California so we could attend Christian and Kennedy's wedding. They were married on Friday, July 18 in the San Diego temple.

We drove down Thursday and made it alive. I didn't realize my front tires were so bald until we were about to Barstow when part of the tires tread was peeling off and whipping against the car. We were blessed to make and then, with the help of my Dad, got new tires put on the car first thing Friday morning. As soon as we got in on Thursday, I left Jackie for the first time since we were married to go to a social event (not including work). A few guys got together for the bachelor party at the Island Hotel in Fashion Island to enjoy a couple of bites of dessert. My $10 sorbet lasted 6 bites. D'oh! The most surreal moment of the evening came when Blake Clayton suggested we go in a circle and all give Christian advice or relive our favorite Christian memory. I couldn't believe that I was actually on the other side for once, being asked to GIVE the advice, with all the 26 days of marriage I had under my belt.

Friday morning was the sealing in San Diego. The sealing was almost upstaged (at least in my book) by the police incident that happened right before the wedding and right in front of our car as we pulled off the freeway exit and headed to the shopping center across from the temple. There was 20 year old or so kid in the middle of a big intersection, holding a skateboard in one hand and a piece of wood in the other. He was looked confused out of his mind. An officer pulled into the middle of the intersection and told him to head over to the median, pointing in our direction. We were the first car in the left hand turn lane so he walked to the front of our car. My Dad and sister both proceeded to roll down their windows so they could hear what was going on. The police officer gave more directions but the kid was not going to obey anymore. The officer went to detain him and the kid flipped out and pushed the officer away. At this point a motor cop pulled up to help and we were certain that they were going to throw this guy onto the hood of our car. He continued to yell and struggle as both cops wrestled to get this guy under control. The struggle moved them about 10 feet until they got behind the officers car, obstructing our front row view. We couldn't believe what had just happened and we were all wishing that we had recorded that incident for all the YouTube glory that would come with it. Our light turned green (again, we had missed a light while he was in the middle of the street) so my Dad pulled out. We then saw that this real, live Cops episode was not over because the kid was on his upper back/shoulders with both feet kicking up in the air. Both cops were on the ground trying to wrestle this kid and he would not stop. I've been looking up Police Blotters in the San Diego area but I haven't been able to find any published report on this incident. I'll let you know if I find anything official.
So anyways, the sealing was awesome and later that night the reception was a lot of fun. Some of the best food I've had. The party went a lot later than expected and the couple was nice enough to stick around.

Saturday was the big Lotoja training day so I rode 70 miles with my Dad and bike buddies. The afternoon was spent lounging around watching the Angel's take it to the Red Sox. We drove back Sunday and thanks to the new tires and cautious driving, we were not one of the three accidents we saw on I-15 due to the heavy, heavy rain.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Honeymoon Pt. 1

Jackie and I had an awesome Honeymoon, pt. 1. We were lucky enough to be able to stay at her Dad's beach house on the Oregon coast. We stayed our first three nights as a married couple there and then we spent the next four days traveling down the coast until we finally ended up in Irvine.

It was beautiful. We took a lot of pictures, as you will see as you scroll down. These are just a few of our favorites. Unfortunately, the battery in my camera died while we were in the Redwood National Forest so I don't have many pictures in California. Anyways, I recommend a trip down Highway 101, but if you can't make it, check out some of these pictures.

Emerging from the Lover's Lair on day three. Ah!! Sunlight!!
In front of her beach house.

Tillamook is a must. Free cheese!

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Has some sweet camping sites.

Port Orford Bay. We stayed the night in this little town. If you stay here on a Tuesday, there's only one or two restaurants open. We recommend the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza.

I'd love to kayak the Oregon Coast next time

"No, Thank YOU."

They say Paul was actually bigger in real life.
I married a Tree Hugger. Sweet.