Monday, November 30, 2009

SF Ballet Magical Memories Nutcracker Video Contest

My good friend Sean created a couple of videos for the San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker video contest. Both of them are pretty funny and I've posted the links, you should definitely check them out (don't worry, they're short):

Year of the Rat - A mockumentary style video where Sean plays the Rat King from the Nutcracker, and it shows what the Rat King is doing to prepare for the fight scene that he never seems to win

and another video

Dreams of a Real-Life Nutcracker - Story of a real-life nutcracker trying to find the Clara of his dreams

Sunday, November 29, 2009


We spent Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa Emmett up in Logan and had a great time. I did miss the morning surf session that I'm used to on Thanksgiving morning but it was fun to be with extended family.

Jackie made the pink jello with the berries on top

I let Jack take some pictures with my camera

This picture was actually pretty good

This is probably my favorite Jack picture though. He would push the button and then put the camera down before it actually took.

I've looked at this picture several times and for the first time I just noticed Jack in the background. Haha, oh man, why is he trying to hold all of those pool balls?

It won't be too long until this blog is filled with solely our baby's pictures!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Goodbye to Jimmy

Jimmy left for his mission a couple of weeks ago but we were able to spend a little bit of time with him before he left. He came out with Hod and Jonnie and we all stayed at my parents house the two nights before he left

"I told you, I'll be back in two years, no biggie"

Jimmy had three suitcases, two for his clothing and one for his two-year supply of Crystal Light . Here he is making some right before we left.

The proud parents

We participated in the curb-side drop off at the MTC and it was very cool. Missionaries lined the sidewalk and every single one would waive at you as you drove by to get to your drop off area. When we stopped the car, a couple of missionaries came over and grabbed Jimmy's bag and tried their best to make him feel comfortable. He was nervous because he wasn't going to be able to take all of his suitcases by himself, their help eased his nerves. We all gave him one last hug and that was it. It went really fast and you could tell it startled him a little bit but he was able to hold back the tears, unlike his Mother and sister.

Friday, November 27, 2009 Orem!?

Here is a picture from opening day at the In-N-Out in Orem that I took with my phone. I showed up at 1:00 p.m. and this is what the line looked like. I was looking for the signs you see at theme parks where they inform you how much longer you have "from this point" until you get to the front. They didn't have any signs but I asked the guy directing the foot traffic and he said 30 minutes from where I was until I could order. He was right on the dot. He informed that that the drive-thru line, which wrapped through the parking lot and around the other buildings, was about an hour wait. At this point, they had somewhere between 75 and 85 employees working that first lunch.

It took a while but of course it was worth it. I got to meet Jackie and have lunch with her so that is always awesome. It was also awesome as I looked out the window and saw the city of Orem and then looked back and saw my double-double, whole-grilled onions hamburger in my hand. Now I just need them to follow us up to Portland.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If you guessed we were having a ...

boy, then you guessed right! We went in this morning for the ultrasound and the lady showed us just about every other part you can imagine before she looked to see if it was a boy or girl.

"Well, it looks like we got some outdoor plumbing." Uhh, what does that mean lady. Are you telling me we're having a boy!? She then typed "BOY" on the screen so she answered the question in my head.

Updated due date is March 21st!

Here I am at about 12 months. Think the baby will look as good as me?

The real question is whether you think the baby will be as cute as his beautiful mother. Here she is with her belly around 19 or 20 weeks

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last year Jackie was a samurai babe for Halloween, an outfit that brought several strangers to our blog. This year her department decided to dress as characters from the movie Mystery Men. Jackie went as Casanova Frankenstein's mistress.

On Halloween night we went up to Midway to hang out with John, Beth and their kids. Jack was a cowboy and Lily was a cowgirl.

The kids had quite the entourage with them as they went trick or treating

At the last minute, Jackie and I decided to dress up. We decided to be Mozambicans. Jackie is wearing her capulana (skirt) and carrying her bag on her head. I got my sweet pants on and I'm walking around, trying to sell my batiks. I do this by saying English words like "beautiful", "yes", "blue", "Lion King", and "50 dollars".

Ultimate Frisbee

It's Ultimate Frisbee time again. Last year our team won the championship in Division 3. Most of us are back and this year we made it into division 1, the highest division. We had our first playoff game on Friday night and my family decided to come and hang out. They were troopers, it was both cold and wet but they stuck it out.

I think these are the two reasons my parents wanted to come

It wasn't long until Jack wanted in on the action. My Dad suggested John work with Jack on catching the frisbee, but John responded that he was starting with teaching Jack to keep his eyes open first.

Walking off the field at halftime, we were up 6-4. We ended up winning the game 8-6. We are now in the final four of the winner's bracket (double elimination) and our next game is against the BYU club team on Thursday. Yikes! We'll see how it goes.