Monday, March 26, 2012

The Rest of January

It's hard to resist taking pictures all the time of this kid.

Bobby was giving Will his first beat down with his "hair". Ever since he started watching the movie Tangled, Bobby has been walking around with different robe ties and calling them "hair". He likes to throw them over his crib and high chair as if he was going to descend down them. His favorite game is for you to grab a hold of his "hair" and then run with him down the hall.

It turned into some brotherly love.

Which turned into great photo op.

I can't get this kid to do this on me and neither can Jackie. Debra has the magic touch.

Annual awards banquet at work.

Since we were taking pictures, Bobby wanted one himself.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

January Beach Trip

Since we didn't take a family summer beach trip last year, and with the recent return of the two missionaries, we all headed out to the beach house for the extended MLK Jr. weekend. I had been to the beach the previous weekend with the Young Men to do an annual planning retreat and decided then and there that I needed to buy a surfboard. I haven't owned one since my board fell apart back in the summer of 2003, right before the mission. I found a great one on Craigslist and bought it that week.

Bobby a little hesitant...

...but it didn't take too long before he was nose riding on the short board.

We made it to the beach house and all Will wanted to do was sleep on Debra. She was in heaven.

Bobby just wanted to help Jimmy clean the walls.

Sea Lion alert, can you see him?

What about in his picture?

That was hail coming in.

You better run

I was so much better at hide and seek in my day than any of these kids ever will be.

Bobby and Aurora went into our bedroom to watch Tangled and this happened about 15 minutes later.

Michael got to experience the Donkin mania. He missed the wedding so I don't think he had ever hung out with the whole clan.

They were probably sharing tracting stories.

This started out as a nice little hike, until it became a lot longer than planned and started snowing. Always an adventure with Reg!

The beach got quite a bit of snow the last two days. Michael and Jeri took off a day before and actually slide off the highway on the way back to Portland. Nothing too major happened, they just had to wait for the snow plow.

All of the kids loved it though. They made snowmen and threw snow balls at each other.

New Year's

Following suit after his older Brother, Will loves the camera as well.

Told you.

I took Bobby to play out in the street for a little bit. Why do all kids gravitate to puddles?

Bobby had too much fun, that he didn't want to go inside.

It probably doesn't help that I just laugh whenever he starts to cry, and then I stick the camera in his face.

This was when Bobby was on his Tangled binge. No joke, about 4 times a day. Not healthy.

Jackie and Danelle with their New Year's tradition. Girls (pshhh). They say a toast or make a promise to each other. It's been the same since they were like 7. Does anyone want to make a guess at what they say to each other? They won't tell me.

Even though we got Bobby in his pajamas, he still partied all night long.

Here was the party gang. I believe Davey called it the worst New Year's ever when we didn't extend the time on the ESPN motorcycle jump. The DVR cut off about 30 seconds before they jumped.

Can you tell the difference?