Sunday, August 26, 2012

Punchbowl Falls

 In July we took the YM/YW to Punchbowl Falls and had a great time. We were missing quite a few kids so they all missed out. I actually did this hike my very first time in Portland so it brought back some fun memories.

 Some people will jump off of the ledge, just to the left of the falls in this picture. It's about twice as high and around 75-80 feet. Maybe someday.

 3 of the 4 leaders, including myself, missed the turnoff and kept hiking. We finally got back down to the area about an hour after everyone else had been there.

 This is lower punchbowl falls. I jumped from about 30 feet. The water was freezing.

No one wanted to help me up because they were afraid I would pull them in. Punks.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scout Camp

 I didn't participate in the water sports because I never took my swimtest. I showed up Tuesday evening and left on Thursday evening so I only had to spend two nights at camp. It was a lot more boring as a leader than as a scout. I still had a good time though, I was able to take 3 little naps on the first day I was there. Will had some rough nights leading up to camp so I almost felt a little guilty that I was getting so much sleep. Of course, those naps made it difficult to fall asleep later than night on the hard wood floor I was sleeping on. 

 The view of Mt. Jefferson was just amazing.

 I did go on a little hike with a couple of the other scoutmasters on Thursday afternoon. This is a nice little lake just outside of camp.

 Checking in on the boys at the art merit badge table.

 The scouts cleaned out the entire snack store by Thursday afternoon. No more candy or sodas.

 View from my tent. It really was a very beautiful camp.

Newport and the Oregon Coast Aquarium

The weekend after the 4th of July we joined Jackie's parents for a little trip on the Oregon Coast. They wanted try out their new RV so we decided to go to Newport and enjoy the beach town.  We actually only stayed one night while the boys stayed two. Jackie and I drove back so I could participate in an all night softball tournament with my co-workers.
 Sleepy doggy

 Nothing like windy, waist high surf on a beach that has recently had 2 shark attacks. 

 I survived!

 After the beach, we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium

 Bobby enjoyed all of the fish, although he mostly just wanted to get wet.

Bobby was really into giving all of the animal statue kisses.

The sea turtle got some action.

 Other animals he just hugged.

 Worst slide ever.

Bobby goes where he pleases.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

July 4th

The weekend before July 4th I built Jackie her walk-in-closet. I didn't really feel it deserved its own post so I have included it with the Independence Day post.

The Before (on the left side only)

Will likes the little room. Bobby loves Mommy's shoes.

Also snuck into the post. This was the Sunday before.

Brotherly love
For the 4th, we decided to make the journey to the zoo. We bought a pass that includes a friend so if anyone ever wants to go, let us know. It was warm and crowded but we had a good time. Lot's of shade to help us survive. 
July 4th is unofficial Angel's day around here due to the colors

Bobby loved touching all of the animals

Too bright

Drum sesh with Bobby

Add caption

Will someone teach him to walk already??

Bobby loves jumping off of stuff these days.

Side shot

Bobby ran off into the reeds right before we were going to leave and he didn't want to come out. It was a little too tight in there for me to go in so we had to wait it out a few minutes. He would start to come out, smile, and run back in.
Sparkler time


Of course Bobby found the barbie at the house.