Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring Training

 I love walking up to this stadium in March (although this time it was actually still February)

 My Angel (awwww)

Too bright
One of the days we bagged going to a game and went on a hike with Margie and Jackie's cousin, Clint.
Wind Caves, just outside of Mesa.

 We did a little horseback riding that day as well.

 Margie showed us how it's done.

 Here's the gang. Ryan and I did our first trip in 2007. We added Jackie, Bekah, and Chris in 2008. Dana joined for her first trip in 2011.

 My favorite part of spring break is going to the open batting practice the Angels have on away games. It's free to just walk in and watch them. There is usually about 20-30 people and that is it.

 Jackie got Josh Hamilton's autograph.

 Most of the people waited on the sideline for signatures but we spent most of our time sitting on the front row, trying to be apart of their conversations.

 On that Saturday we went to a Padre's game to appease Chris.

 I'm pretty sure this was Jackie's favorite part of the trip, the reunion with the boys. They loved their souvenir Angel's hats.

February Fun

 The boys got to have lunch with Daddy. Cheetos!!

 Taking advantage of a dry day in February

 They love their girl cousins

 Will eventually caught the bug, the one that everyone seemed to catch this winter. His crib was a mess so we put him on the floor in our room on top of a bunch of towels. Of course, he was able to get off the towels just in time to throw up.

 This kid loves to hide. As evidence above and below.

 Christmas sweatshirts! Twins!

 I feel lucky that we still haven't found any bums living near this trail in our neighborhood.

 The kids came and visited me at work one day so that was a lot of fun. Bobby was pretty excited.

 We went out for lunch and they spent most of the time crawling around.

 Bobby stuck his Cindarella in this jug thing at work. It was the perfect squeeze. It went all the way in and I didn't think we were going to get it back. We were able to work it into this position but we couldn't get any good grip to pull it out. We worked at it for about 30 minutes and finally were able to get her out. We had to bend a letter opener to do it but Bobby was pretty stoked.

Ta da!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

January Brotherly Love

 Bobby is money at drawing circles now. Will is money at drawing on himself.

 Here's a little morning wrestling session...

 Will is definitely more of the aggressor when it comes to wrestling. Bobby is more about cheap shots.

 Sun came out but it was still very cold. Boys liked to run around for a little bit. Will asks to "go outside" everytime you open the blinds or curtains.

 Will was not happen to have to come back inside.

 I asked the boys to pretend to be asleep. Bobby obliged, Will not so much.

 I love asking them to give each other hugs.

 Both boys love to get silly before bed. Here is Bobby in Mommy's robe.

 And Will in the adult 3D glasses.

 Sometimes Bobby parties to hard and can't make it to his bed.

 Occasionally Bobby likes to sit at the big boy table.

 Will appreciating my jokes again.

 Almost impossible to vacuum these days.

 Turned my head for a second and then I saw Will crawling into the little hole at Lowe's.