Saturday, March 26, 2011

January Beach House Trip

The weekend after Jackie and Bobby went to California was the planned weekend for the beach house trip. The original excuse was to celebrate the end of all the licensing tests but since I didn't pass when I took them the week before, we used it as a weekend to clear the head before I got back into studying. It worked, I passed the tests in the middle of February and life has been good ever since.

I took the kayak out in the waves for a little bit. Enough to catch a couple of waves and then get thrown overboard. My kayak was carried all the way to the shore and I had to swim with the paddle to go and get it (very slow process). Even with the wetsuit it was a little chilly. An old man walked up the beach to see if I was OK. I guess he and his buddies were placing bets to see if I would make it out alive. Hahaha.

I told him I was OK but that I was a little chilly. "Well ya, it's the middle of JANUARY!!" was his response.

Bobby was excited to be at the beach house.

So were Zach and Allie.

Bobby and Samantha were stoked to share a nice weekend getaway...

...although Sam wasn't big on sharing her sippy cups.
It's so hard to remember to pack everything once you have a baby.

I love these two

The biggest waves I have seen at the beach house in my several trips there. I really need to get a surf board, or a kayak that won't fill up with water.

Ezra being Ezra.

Disneyland Adventures

I've tried to get Jackie to post these pictures for two months since I didn't actually go on the trip but she keeps coming up with excuses. For some reason she is always too tired, too nauseous, or too busy with a demanding 11 month old (one year in two weeks!).

They took this trip back on Martin Luther King Day. Since Jackie can fly for free on United, thanks to Jeri, they left on Sunday afternoon, stayed with family in L.A., and then went to Disneyland the next day. It was sunny and in the high 70s while I stayed at home with the boys in the cold, Portland rain. Thomas had a few friends stay the night, whom I had assumed were allowed to do so, until Jonathan ratted him out when the parents got back.

Who's more excited to be there?

Not a big fan of hats, just like his Dad.

This is why Jackie really wanted to go

Lovin' it

No hands, keepin it real

Watching the Mickey Mouse show. Bobby is about to explode with excitement.

They all had a good trip and were glad that they decided to do it, even though it was a little last minute.