Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bobby's 1st Birthday

We had to go with the Mickey Mouse Theme

Lot's of goodies

Jackie and Jonnie slaved over this cake for about 4 to 5 hours on Saturday afternoon while the men went to the priesthood session and dinner.

Douglas caught a chicken that was rooming around the streets

Picture with the Birthday Boy

About to go at his little cupcake

That's my boy

The black frosting stained anything it touched.

We also had a party on Monday night, the day after his birthday.

All the kids wanted to help touch the buttons on the little laptop.

His first lawnmower. I wonder if he'll be an ultimate lawnmower like his uncle Michael.

Can you tell a difference between my regular smile and my funny face smile? I take after my brother John.

His first swings of the bat

Chillin in the chair that his Grandma Lynne helped make awhile back. Jackie convinced her Grandma while we were in Phoenix to let her have it and her cousin April was nice enough to ship it up to us.

Spring Training!

Bobby had never even been to Spring Training yet he was so happy as we rolled into the airport. Life's good when you're watching a baseball game in 80 degree sun and then hanging poolside afterwards. It took us awhile to make it to Phoenix but it was worth it!

Jackie used the layover time to kill some zombies with plants, or to kill green pigs with some angry little birds.

We were using Jeri's buddy passes on United so it wasn't the smoothest trip. We had to fly standby and it felt like just about everyone was trying to escape to the warm sun. Here is how we made it there.

6:55 am - arrive at the airport to check in
7:55 am - catch an open flight to San Francisco
10:00 am - arrive in SF and play Settlers of Catan with a random guy dropping off his siblings at the airport. This guy wasn't waiting for a flight or anything like that.
noon - Jeri's gets in
2:00 pm - catch a flight to LAX because the flights to Phoenix look full from SF
4:30 pm - miss the flight to Phoenix by one person. That results in a lot of the picture below.

5:00 pm to 10:00 pm - keep Bobby entertained in the airport. We ate at CPK and watched the Lakers vs Heat game. Talked about pulling a prank where we set Bobby in the middle of the walk way and then have Jeri come up and start asking people if they lost their baby. She was wearing her flight attendant uniform so it would have been perfect. We played a couple of rounds of Settlers.
10:30 pm - Take off on an open flight to Phoenix! We lose an hour so we don't land until about 12:40 local time. It may have taken us close to 18 hours but we were excited!

It was fun to meet Lizzie Johnson. She's 3 months older than Bobby.

I told Bobby to wave to Torii Hunter and he did.

I told Bobby to take a picture with Bobby Abreu and he did. This picture made the entire previous day worth everything. It was Bobby Abreu's birthday and he had no problem holding little Bobby.

When Lizzie hears a song she likes, she throws her hands in the air and keeps them still like she just don't care.

Bobby was exhausted from the sun and the game.

Wasn't too long until Lizzie was out as well.

We went to two games on that Friday. The night game was the Giants vs. the Padres and we meet up with Chris and Dana Bradshaw, although I don't have a single picture of them on my camera. I swear they were there though. Will Venable caught a fly ball for the third out on the warning track and I asked him to throw it up. Sure enough he did and Bobby got his first souvenir baseball. We've taught him to throw it and now he just throws everything he can get his hands on.

Saturday day game against the Indians. We were kicking it in the outfield lawn seats.

Bobby loves Jeri

On the way home it was more of this. Bobby crawled all over the airport and I didn't have the energy to try and stop him. I loved when people would walk by and talk about how cute he was. It was a little easier on the way home as we flew to San Fransisco, hung out with my buddies Sean and Ted during the layover, and then caught a flight to Portland and we were home by a little after 9:00 pm. Can't wait for next year.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

All of February in One Post

The first half of February was spent studying for the Series 9 and 10 tests that I took on February 14th and 15th. Happy Valentine's Day honey! Love you, I'm going to go study...I passed so it was worth it. We can celebrate each other everyday, not just on the 14th of February.

Here are some other things that happened:

Bobby likes taking naps in our bed on Saturdays. We walked in the room to find him like this.

Close one!

We also found him on my pillow one time and pretty much every time thereafter.

We let him out of the yellow ducky tub and let him take a bath like a real man. Errr wait, real men don't take baths, do they?

Lorelai was born the 26th of February. Laura and baby are recovering well. Should have 3 babies this year on the Donkin side of the family. Kristin Donkin is due in July and then Jackie is in August!

Bobby has started to like toys. Hopefully he doesn't become a toy hoarder and keep all the other kids from playing with them when he is not playing with them. We've been teaching him how to respond when we say "may I have it?" or "will you share with me?". He'll place the object in your hand for a couple of seconds but he won't let go. Oh, here you go Dad...psych!

He's also become a big fan of the fish tank at the Dullum's house. Hopefully you've been able to watch the video of him "kissing" it on Facebook.

He's also become very clingly lately. It doesn't take long until he's crawling at your feet, begging to have you pick him up.

Mommy always gives in.