Thursday, June 28, 2012

Around the house

 The ultimate babysitter...the TV

 Just like Bobby, Will loves the ducky tub. It took us awhile to find it but I'm glad we did.

Jackie always reminds me to take pictures of Will because we don't take as many as we did Bobby. Then she reminds me to take pictures of Bobby because we don't want to forget about him.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bobby's Birthday Celebrations

Bobby turned 2 in April so he had to wear the hat at FHE.
Seeing how there is a birthday about every other week at the Donkin house, Bobby was so excited when he realized it was his turn to open the gifts and blow out the candles. In the two months since, he feels like anytime there is a candle, it must be home to put it out.

Jackie might have been more excited about a few of the presents than Bobby was.

Lot's of interested parties.

Sorry Bobby, I can't let you eat any candy, it will just ruin your teeth. I'll take them.

He loves his Maximus hourse. Jackie has since cut some of the hair on the horse so it doesn't look so girly.
That Saturday we threw a birthday party and we had some great weather. With a birthday early in April, I believe Bobby is doomed to have an Easter egg hunt every time.

Ben was loving it.

Dominique and Ava joined in on the phone.

Arik, the biggest kid, knew what was going on so he didn't waste any time.

Delicious cupcake walk

After the Easter egg hunt and pizza, it was to the downstairs to open gifts.

More gifts!? This is the best week ever!

More from March

 I gave Jackie a $50 gift card to Target to spend on whatever she wanted, and she opted for the matching outfits for the boys.

 Will is loving it

 So is Bobby.

Will loves to play in the laundry.

 As well with his food.

 We've only been successful a few times in having Bobby sleep in his car bed.

He will at least pose for a picture though.