Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Big Updates

Well, no baby yet. So if you were one of the few that guessed he would come super early, you were wrong. We are now three days from the due date and we have definitely hit that part of the pregnancy where all communication has essentially become hypersensitive. What do I mean by that? All it means is that everytime Jackie calls, or sends a text message, or puts her hand on her body, my heart skips a beat.

And it is not just me. It happens with all of you guys out there too. It's hard for me to call my parents knowing that they're going to get all excited when they see me on the caller ID. I called them last week at about 10 p.m. so it was out of the ordinary, but I wasn't really thinking about the baby, I just needed to ask a question. Both my Dad and Mom were disappointed when there was no baby news. I even titled this post starting with the word "No" just so I wouldn't get you guys too excited. If I had gone with "Updates", I know the people reading this in their Google Reader would have gotten all excited.

I made a comment in my facebook status about being faked out the other day and the way I worded that comment even faked some more people out so I apologize for that. Even nonverbal communication can fake people out. I didn't show up to work as early as I usually do today and sure enough I got a call from one of my cube buddies, huddled around with a few more people, asking if Jackie was having a baby. It's also weird because every time someone sees me at work, or at church, or wherever, they look at me followed by a face of disappointment. "I guess if you're here, there's no baby."

I gave a talk in church last week about my experiences reading 3 Nephi this month (Bishop asked the ward to read 3 Nephi in the month of March). At the beginning of the talk I had mentioned Jackie being pregnant and then a little bit later on I was relating some of the stresses in my life. I said something like, "graduated college...moved out here to a new city...got a new job...and then my wife's belly has been growing for the past 38 weeks so I have that hanging over my head." At that point everyone started laughing and I drew a blank. I knew I said something that didn't come out right but I wasn't sure how to recover. Obviously I meant "so I've had that in the back of my head", instead of hanging over my head, but that's the way it goes.

Since the babymoon though we have been able to do a few things to clear our minds, or at least I have. I guess Jackie can't really escape from the pregnancy very well. I got to go skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows a week and a half ago. I went up with Douglas Muralha, a friend in the ward from Brazil, who actually was a few doors down from me at the MTC in Brazil. And now we're in the same ward. Best part of the trip for me was when he wanted to go to the jump park and I said sure. He had recently gone off the big jumps for the first time so he wanted to do it again. He went off the first table top and then stood on top of the next one to wait for me (it had three take off spots so he wouldn't be in my way). Well, I don't think I had been off a big jump since Beaver's Big Air contest in 2002 but I decided to launch myself anyway. I definitely cleared the landing and it all went pretty smooth. When he came down to me he said, "Seu safado!!!" which is kind of like saying "you rascal!" or "you punk!" and then he said "you're very good but you didn't tell me".

Perfect afternoon to go skiing

I also went on a bike ride with a group of guys out here last Saturday. We rode 20 miles out to Estacada (don't pronounce with a Spanish accent) and back. It was another beautiful Saturday so I took this shot below. It was with my camera phone so of course it didn't turn out like I would like but you can get the idea. Mt Hood is to the left of the sun.

Well, hopefully you will hear some "Big Updates" soon, we'll try to keep you posted. We're getting excited!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekend Getaway

That's right, Jackie and I celebrated our "Babymoon" a couple of weeks ago, and we even wrote it in the sand. We wanted to go to the beach house for a weekend and we could not have gotten any luckier when it came to the weather. I've been to the beach house in July and August and the weather we got in February might have been the best yet. Anyways, it was our last little getaway before kids come into the picture. It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to going back there with a little baby next time.

Robert Hal Emmett is on his way

This picture is for Shara and all of the others that have been desiring belly photos

We drove up to Seaside on Saturday and caught the sunset at a lookout point on our way home.

We went to church on Sunday morning and all of the old ladies in the ward loved Jackie's belly. They were begging us to come back as soon as the baby comes because they all want to hold it.

It was an excellent weekend. We both took that Monday off so we got to have three nights out there just relaxing. It was needed because the minute we got home we had to start unpacking. We had moved everything into our apartment that Thursday night and then took off to the beach on Friday once we finished work.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Time to Guess

Alright everyone, we are now in the month of the due date. Baby Robert will be here soon. You guys did a good job with the sex of the baby, now let's see if you can predict when the baby will come.

(Is anyone else reminded of that Saved by the Bell episode, where Zack creates a pool to guess when Mrs. Belding's baby will come. Zack took to the due date and all of the surrounding days. Classic. In the end, Mrs. Belding ends up having the baby in the elevator when the power goes out.)

Info that might sway your pick:
I came a day (maybe two days) before my due date.
Jackie was a C-section so she came on the planned date.
Dr. in Utah gave the due date of March 27th
Ultrasound lady said due date was more like March 21st
Dr. in Portland gave the due date of March 26th