Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last Photos pre-William

We decided to take one last impromptu family photo the day before William was to come

I set the camera on a chair and then we took a couple of pictures. I think this is the first time Bobby realized what was going on with the timer. He became so intrigued with the camera again that...

...he wanted to take more once I thought we were finished and...

...he was going to bawl his head off if that is what it took.

I actually got a video of him right here crying so I could show it to him when he gets older. As I was filming, once he noticed, he swatted the camera out of my hand. He picks it up off the ground, all while filming his face perfectly. He then walks the camera over and sets it on the chair. This is actually when I realized he wanted more pictures. I turned the camera around while still filming and you can see Bobby climbing into Jackie's lap.

So, just to please Bobby...

...we took another one.

Later that night we went out for some dessert and if I wasn't going to give Bobby the camera...

...then he was going to hide from the camera.

Bobby loved his ice cream

I love how Bobby always tries to clean up his tray once he is finished.

Any chance that will continue over the years?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pre Baby Photo Shoot

Windy or fan blowing on the side?

So unsuspecting of a 10 pound baby in there.

No, that was not the same as the first picture. Similar though.

I have no idea how Will fit in there.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Les Mis

The Keller Auditorium is across the street from my new office so it worked out great for our night on the town. Jackie came by after work so we could grab some dinner and then catch the touring group of Les Miserables. It is such a wonderful, timeless show.

As we were watching the show, I began to think about how my favorite songs have changed throughout the years and realized how much it correlates to my life. When I was young I liked Do You Hear the People Sing and Master of the House. The first one is aggressive and the second a silly, playful song. When I got older and more interested in girls, I loved listening to On My Own, most likely because I wanted Eponine to show that interested in me. Now, the song I look forward to the most is Bring Him Home. Something about a prayer for the safety of a boy that rings deep.

High Adventure

I was super excited to get called to the Young Mens, especially right before summer time. I didn't know what the plan was but knew I would be expected to go to either scout camp or the high adventure trip. As tempting as spending a week at Boy Scout camp with a bunch of 12 and 13 year old boys was, I opted for the High Adventure trip.

On Monday we went rock climbing and wake boarding.

Showing the boys how it's done.

Is it me or are kids softer these days? When it came time to wakeboard, only two kids in the boat wanted to do it, and one wasn't able to because of his size 13 foot. Later on in the week when I went jumping off cliffs, again only a couple of the boys were interested.

We actually had an activity recently where we went boating and when we were trying to teach one of the boys how to get up on a wakeboard, he told us he already knew how, and that he has done it on Wii Resort a hundred times. Ya, he didn't get up.

Some of the boys did go tubing though.

On Tuesday we went horseback riding, and practiced our shotgun and bow and arrow skills. It was the first time I have ridden a horse since I rode the Anderson's horse about 15 years ago.

On Wednesday we made our way to the John Day river and spent the rest of the week floating down. It is known more for its small mouth bass fishing than it is for rapids so it wasn't too exciting. It was nice and lazy though with a few great places to cliff jump so I won't complain. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures because it is a beautiful river.

I took this picture when we got back to our cars on Saturday afternoon as I caught the young men red handed. They were sneaking into the lunch before all of the boats got back so we could divvy it up fairly

July Utah Trip

My parents wanted some Bobby time before Will came so they flew us out to visit for a few days in July. We spent a lot of time doing what we do in July, and that's watching the Tour de France. It's the perfect background piece in the summer. You don't really need to pay attention so you can sit around and talk about the race and other things.
We lost the battery charger for my camera so there a few a few months without any pictures. These all came from my Ipod so they're not the best quality.

Southwest flights were only about 2/3 full both ways so we got to take Bobby's car seat on the plane. Heavenly. What a difference that makes on a flight. Bobby was content in his seat pretty much the entire flight. As always, he was a hit with the flight attendants.

Summer Pool Time

Bobby loves walking over to the pool. Unfortunately, there is no baby pool so I guess Bobby will just have to start with the big kids. We've had a few parties at the pool but it looks like I've only taken my camera once.

Loves to splash

Even when it gets in his face.

He also loves to sit in the chair and soak up the sun once he is done swimming.

I just found a few more pictures on Facebook