Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bobby Loves To... with Mommy's Ipod (using only one finger like her) on Mommy's phone

...look at the Christmas tree, and try to rip it apart

...get dirrrrty

...bang the piano keys in the clean laundry

...wear my hat, take it off, and chew on the brim

...grow teeth (he doesn't actually love this, unless he's crying tears of joy)

...make calls

He's a wonderful little dude.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


My first Thanksgiving breakfast feast with the Hatch family. As you can see in the picture above, it was quite the crowd. Having the super delicious, big breakfast meal on Thanksgiving is genius. Nobody has conflicts because it's early in the morning and this way you get to expand your stomach for the big meal later in the afternoon.

I taught the teenagers a lesson or two in our game of 21.

Blue steel? A new pose Bobby has been working on. I'm so glad we got it on film.

Bobby being Bobby

Sleepy doggy

Aurora is not a big fan of taking pictures, even with her obviously favorite uncle.

She had no problem jumping in on the dog pile.

Grandpa had to leave so I got to hold the sleeping baby. It was contagious.

After the morning with the Hatch family, it was on to the Donkin family party at the Zeller's house. I stole a few pictures from Lynda's facebook page at the Hatch party above. I was then trying to think about who might have pictures already posted from the Zeller party and then I realized that Lynda would have those as well. She is Jonnie's sister and she married Hod's brother so we get them at both parties. Sure enough she already had two different albums to choose from.

Bobby is already a big hit with the ladies.

The cool table

Lovin the orange rolls

Jackie showing off the pies, and her hand

Jackie's cousin Max

Jackie attempted the self portrait. Fail

Let's just have your Aunt take a picture of us.

After the parties it was time for the movie. Davey got us in to see Tangled in 3D. The picture below is Bobby watching the movie with his little 3D glasses on. It's hard to make it out but you can see his glasses and little forehead. He was definitely better than some of the kids in the theater, sleeping through a good portion.

Overall it was a great Thanksgiving. My first one out here with Jackie's family. We had great weather. It was a little cold but you can't complain when it is sunny. I missed the morning surf session with my brothers that we would have when we lived in California growing up but I really can't complain.

Some Pictures with Mommy

After looking through our photo library, I realized most of the pictures with Bobby were taken with me. I guess Jackie is quicker to get out the camera and take a picture. She thinks anything we do together is just "so cute". Well, here are a few pictures of Jackie with Bobby.

He was laughing up a storm at Mommy

We got him the classic Xylophone from Fisher Price with a gift card that our apartment manager gave us when he was born. He loves it. Jackie was teaching him how to use it.

Still more focused on the camera

He played two notes before he decided it was time to go in his mouth.

We stayed at Jackie's parents house last weekend while they were in Hawaii. We made sure the boys didn't throw any parties while they were gone. We also helped make them dinner, like nachos and pizza. That's really about all we had for her little brothers, they're not interested in much else when it comes to food. Bobby liked the big king size tempurpedic bed.

The leather Ottoman at Target went on sale right before Thanksgiving so we finally decided to get it. Bobby was content in there for about 15 minutes.

Bath Tub Initiation

Bobby got too big for his little infant bath tub tray thingy, so we moved him into the real man's bath tub. Although, I'm pretty sure real men don't take baths, because they're kind of gross.

We threw in the little rubber duckies and this is where they ended up.

The day after we bathed him in the big tub, someone at work told me about the little duck tub she got at Target. We decided to get it and slowly transition Bobby to the big tub.

He loved it from the get-go

Still with the little ducks in his mouth.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


My first carved pumpkin in about 15 years.

Can you guess which one Charlie, the artist, carved?

Bobby liked the pumpkin goo. Messy.

Something about little babies sitting with pumpkins is so cute.

Bobby's Chewbacca outfit didn't arrive in time (bad storm in Wisconsin) so we went with plan B, the froggy.

He definitely loved the attention.