Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Training

We got to take another trip to Arizona this spring to catch a few baseball games. This was my 4th time making it down to Phoenix with my friend Ryan, and 3rd time taking Jackie. I love getting out of the Portland rain for a few days to take in a few baseball games in the warm sun.

 This was our first look at The Machine, Albert Pujols. I had read about being able to watch batting practice at the stadium the morning before a road game. I strongly suggest this to anyone who goes to Phoenix. There were only about 15-20 people in the stadium there to watch the guys. 

Vernon Wells and Bobby Abreu

First look at new pitcher, C.J. Wilson

Bobby got Peter Bourjos to sign his ball

As well as new Angel, Chris Iannetta 

Will's first pool time at about 6.5 months

He loved it

My parents and two brothers met us down there too. John brought his family so Bobby got to spend a little time with cousins. You can always count on my mom finding the shade. 

Jeri flew down with us and it's always awesome to have her along. She took Bobby during the flight so that made it so much easier. Both Bobby and Will were under 2 so they fly free as long as they sit on your lap. She went home a day before us and that really messed us up on the way home.

Ryan and his daughter Lizzy. He has a son named William as well, just a month apart.

Bobby mostly enjoyed playing with the sunflower seeds. We lost him for a second and found him about 20 feet away, trying to smash all of the seeds with his feet.

Fell into Uncle Michael's trap

Looks like Will wins the award for happiest.

Game number 2. For some reason the Angel's always rest their stars on the Saturday games we go to. John, Beth, and my parents opted to not attend the 2nd game. That allowed us to leave Bobby and Lizzy, which allowed us to actually watch the game.

Yes, twiners. Thanks to the hand-me-downs from John and Jack.

Our flight was delayed a few hours on Sunday so it allowed us to go check out the Mesa temple.

Don't let Bobby in your gardens, he'll rip all of your flowers out. Handy when you want to weed though.

Monday, May 21, 2012

February Photos

 Charlie's Star Wars drawings. He sold these at his movie theater when they re-re-re-released the Star Wars movies in February.

 He also knew someone in a Star Wars club who got the whole gang to come hang out at the theater.

 We got a picture of Bobby doing his eyes. He wasn't so sure of the Queen.

 Will's "babysitter"

 I got Jackie these purple roses for Valentine's Day.

 Bobby brushing his "hair". He carries this around the house with him pretty much all of the time. We don't really let him take it when we leave but he carries around this bath robe day and night while we're here. I thought it would fade but he has been doing it for about 6 months now.

 I'm so glad Will likes to smile.

 Bobby likes to "help" me with any projects that I start to do around the house.

 Twiners after church. Bobby wasn't in the best mood.