Monday, June 28, 2010

Memorable Moments: Year 2

I just noticed that I did a list of the most memorable moments from our first year of marriage so I thought I would put together another little list. I print the blog every year at this point so we can keep a physical copy of all of our activities. It's pretty fun to go and look back through. I wanted this post to get in the book so I better do it right now. Here we go...

5. Graduating/Graduation - If you were to stumble upon this blog and this was the first post you read, I imagine you would be a little confused as to how graduating from college would only be #5 on a most memorable list. Well, when you have a baby, it changes everything. Anyway, it was a crazy feeling walking home from the Tanner Building on that cold, snowy morning. I was glad to finish school so I could move on but at the same time I knew I was going to miss the friends, the learning, the flexibility, and every other fun thing that comes with college.

I finished in December but went back for the ceremony in April. The main reason we went back was so that my family could check out Bobby. It was exciting for everyone involved, at least for us once the airplane ride was over. It was fun to show him off to friends and family as we hung out in Utah for a week.

4. Journey home from Miami - For some odd reason Jackie felt sick and had heartburn the entire trip from Miami to Utah. We figured it was just the long car rides and eating nothing but fast food for a few days. As it turns out, not so. Now we did memorable stuff, like seeing Mt. Rushmore, the actual Field of Dreams, and taking our 2nd trip to Charleston, IL in 6 months, but nothing will be as memorable as Jackie complaining about feeling sick the entire time.

3. 2 bars - As soon as we got back to Utah from Miami, we stayed with my parents for a few weeks. We were trying to avoid pregnancy tests until we had a pretty good idea, because we didn't want the continual disappointment and we also didn't want to buy a bunch of tests. Well, Jackie had an extra test so one morning she decided to give it a shot. We woke up and she ran into the bathroom without telling me what was going on. I got up and used my sister's bathroom around the corner. As I'm washing my hands, Jackie comes running in. She can't talk. Her body is shaking. At this point I think, I know this look, we've been married over a year now. So I ask her, "Where's the spider?" She doesn't know how to respond so she just shows me the stick and says "Two bars!!" Wow, what a feeling.

2. Heartbeat - Everyone told me that it was so special hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time but I thought everyone was just overreacting. Really, a heartbeat? Well, they weren't. As soon as we heard that heartbeat for the first time, I got more emotional than I thought I would. I couldn't believe it. It was so exciting. It became that much more real.

1. Bobby's Birth - Come on, what did you expect? Seeing how our 2nd year of marriage consisted of 9 months and one week of pregnancy, the accumulation of all of that had to be number one, especially since it is giving birth. Jackie is such a champ. She was so great through everything and it all paid off. You really can't beat something like that.

Two Year Anniversary

In celebration of our two years of blissful marriage, we went and saw the Lion King at the Keller Auditorium in downtown Portland. It was a great production and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Anything that has to do with Africa is welcome in our home with open arms. Before the show we went to dinner at Stanich's with Jeri, Charlie, Laura, and her parents. I had the special burger, the one where they had ham and an egg. So delicious.

I had actually seen the show in L.A. back when I was in High School. It was pretty similar to what I could remember and the only disappointment came at intermission. You see, last time during the break, I peed next to this guy...

... so I was bummed when I walked into the bathroom and couldn't find Mr. Cheadle. Of course last time I couldn't remember who he was, I just knew that I recognized him. I think it was that summer that Ocean's Eleven came out and as soon as I saw the preview I remembered him from the bathroom.

Both Jackie and I loved the giraffes. I found this picture on the internet. It's pretty cool when they walk out at the very beginning. The next big crowd pleaser is when the elephants come walking in through the back of the room. It catches the new people off guard.

I couldn't do an anniversary post without expressing my deepest love and gratitude for the wonderful wife that I have. I still laugh when remembering all of the people that told me I was so lucky to be marrying a girl like Jackie. Umm, I know, that's why I am marrying her. When it comes down to it though, those people were on to something. Everyday she impresses me more and the love continues to grow.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Family Visit

My family, minus little brother Michael (recovering from his torn ACL surgery) came to town for a little visit this past weekend. They all flew in together on Friday afternoon and then left separately between Sunday night and Monday evening. We blessed Bobby at church on Sunday so they all wanted to be here.

"Where's Bobby?" is always the first interaction now with my parents. Nice to see you too!

Kristin wanted to stay with us so we moved Bobby out of his crib and had him in his bassinet again. Didn't go well seeing how it was a pretty snug fit for him. He kept kicking the end and getting upset. I can't blame him though, sleeping on a couch or bed just a little too short is the worst (rarely happens to a man of my size).

He's always his best early in the morning. The girls were getting ready for the day so I snapped a few pictures to show them what they were missing.

He's lifting that head now.

On Saturday we went to the temple in the morning while Grandma and Grandpa watched Bobby. We grabbed some lunch and then it was off to the movies. We saw Prince of Persia and it was better than I was expecting. Not up there with the Mummy but definitely better than the Scorpion King. We then went and did our Father's Day Tie Shopping and then it was back to the movies to watch the Killers. It was a fun day.

The Roberts

Sunday was the blessing at church. I can't believe I'm old enough to have kids and be doing grown-up things. It's crazy. Thanks to all of the family that came out to support! My family didn't get to experience any sunny days while they were here but we still had a great time.

Muscle man

Portland Zoo

Bobby had his first trip to the zoo not too long ago. The forecast was good so we thought we would take advantage of that and get outdoors. Brian was assistant coaching a little league game so he couldn't come but it was Bobby and I, Danelle and Joel with their kids, Jonnie, Jeralyn, Jonathan, Thomas, Laura, and Aurora. It was quite the crew. It was a beautiful day and many of the animals were in plain sight enjoying the sunshine.

This was one of the strangest things I had seen at the zoo. He's holding a dead mouse out in front of the alligator's nose. At least I think he's an alligator. He wasn't having any of it though. He just sat there creeping everyone out.

Bobby was excited to see the orangutan and it was very interested in Bobby as well. Okay neither was very interested in the other but at least I got them both in the shot.

The baby elephant was so cute!

My niece, Aurora was strapped in with Rainbow Brite and Kermit. Adorable!

I had to get a picture of the hippos for Brian. He loves the hippos.

Leopard and giraffe out and about in the rare Portland sunshine.

Bobby was in a good mood all day as long as we kept the shade cover on his stroller. He's just so cute!

Seattle Trip

What a great picture below. Bobby was pretty excited to take a weekend trip up to Seattle so we could watch a couple of baseball games. The Angels were in town so we decided to start what we hope will be an annual getaway.

The drive up there took a little longer than usual. First we had to stop in Vancouver so we could pick up a pump that Jackie found on Craigslist. If timed right, we could probably do the trip without having to stop and feed Bobby but alas, we didn't, so we stopped. Then there was an accident before Tacoma so that slowed up the last part of the trip. Luckily we left with plenty of time to spare.

There's nothing more manly than carrying around your infant in the Baby Bjorn.

We checked into the hotel, got squared away, and then headed out the door. The hotel was in downtown so not too far from the stadium. We decided to walk there and that gave us an opportunity to check out the public market and the boardwalk.

We showed up early so we could take in some batting practice. It's mostly kids trying to get the big leauge players to autograph their baseballs but there's always a few older guys like me there watching just so they can feel like part of the team.

I didn't catch any foul balls during BP so the highlight comes from Fernando Rodney, shown above on the left. He threw one of the balls to a guy in the upperdeck out in left field. It hit the guy in the hands and then dropped down. Rodney put his hands up in disgust and stared at the guy. Then he pointed to his glove where he was opening it and closing it, mocking the guy about dropping the ball. I told him I wouldn't drop it but he threw the next one up to the guy and this time he didn't drop it.

Bobby was rocking the Angel's outfit that he got from his Uncle Michael last Christmas. It was perfect! The 6 month old outfit mysteriously fit our little 2 month old baby. Hmmm.

We only unzipped the sweatshirt so we could take the shot above. It was pretty cold that night. They had the roof closed because of the rain but it didn't stop the wind from blowing. Bobby was fine as long as he was bundled up and nobody was screaming. Of course, we had to be in the section that tried starting the wave so every 15 seconds everyone around us was wooing at the top of their lungs. Bobby started bawling.

Highlight of the night came from when they played "Name that Tune" in the 7th inning. As soon as they said to name the Band first, and right before the song started playing, I yelled out "Boston!". Sure enough, two seconds later More than a Feeling started playing. Two guys in front looked back at me like I was some sort of genie.

The view from our room. Friday's weather wasn't great but Saturday's was amazing. Seattle is such a beautiful place.

He peed on his Angel's onesie so for Saturday we just put him in his little bib.

Friday night we were field level on the third base side but Saturday we went with the upper level behind home plate. It was "throw back the clock" day so both teams were in their 1995 jerseys. 1995 was the year of the epic Angels collapse at the end of the regular that allowed the Mariners to eventually tie them and then get into the playoffs by winning the tiebreaker game. No such luck for the Mariners on this day, thank goodness, as the Angels scored double digits on them.

With the Angels dominating, we decided to walk around the stadium for a few innings and get some pictures.

Last but not least is the picture of all the birds. I decided birds are actually pretty scary, especially when in large numbers. Hitchcock was on to something.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

We spent Memorial Day this year shooting guns. It's never been a hobby of mine but when Wes and Lynda invited us along, we got pretty excited. There's a place out near Molalla where you can go and shoot your guns at targets you provide. Thomas came along and got to put to use all of his gun practice he has from playing his X-Box.

Thomas the Tough Guy

Jackie on the other hand went with the super cute smiley pose while holding the gun

Martha's just looking to protect her stuff

Flashlight/shotgun. This Maglite was turned into a one shot shotgun. After target practice, it was on to the family barbeque. It was the first time we left Bobby so we were excited to get back. He was happy to see us.

Jonnie rubbing his face + Hod drumming on his tummy + Jeri tickling his feet = Giggly baby

Beach House weekend

Early in May we took a weekend getaway trip with the Dullums to a beach house they rented in Rockaway. We only stayed a night with them and I didn't get any pictures but it was still a blast. I took my bike and went for a ride along the coast. I soon realized that I was foolish not to bring a bike when we head to the beach. It's such a pleasant and beautiful place to ride. My next goal is to acquire a kayak somehow and take that to the beach as well. Add a bike and kayak to the already fun activities you got going on and I'll be super content the entire weekend.

Trying out the Baby Bjorn before the trip

Anyways, the following weekend, we took a trip with her family and stayed at their beach house. It was sort of one last hoorah before Debra left on her mission. We missed Reg and his family, Margie, and Jimmy but still had a great time. Bobby was in someone's arms probably 18 hours a day while we were there, no joke.

Between the two weeks, whenever we went down to the beach, Bobby slept the entire time. Maybe next time he'll actually take a peek at the ocean.

No holding me down...

Jackie loves him so much. I do too.

Aurora is notorious for "giving up". She will do this anywhere, as witnessed in this photo. When she gets tired, upset, frustrated, she just lays down wherever she is. It doesn't matter where, it can be carpet, concrete, or sand. It makes me crack up every time I see it.

I tried it out and rather enjoyed myself.

A picture of the gang before we all took off

The Donkin family dominates the "funny picture"