Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cute and Silly Boys

 I don't think any of these pictures really need any explanations. We love our two little boys. Bobby is turning into a little person more and more each day and Will is just such a little ball of happiness (most of the time). I'm so glad Bobby loves his little brother. Recently, he has gotten a little more aggressive in playing with him but nothing to worry about too much. 

 Bobby and Will have taken to playing in the closet. I walked by the door the other day and closed it because it was wide open. About two seconds later I hear a faint voice yell, "heyyyyyy". I walked by and found Bobby just hanging out in all of the jackets, blankets and diapers.

 Hugs are popular around here.

 Will loves tight spaces

 Will and his trail of mass destruction.

 About once a week I'll walk into the living room and Will will just be hanging out with this on his head.

 Ya, good luck with tomorrow, Bobby

Anyone notice anything about Will's left eye? He was walking around with a pencil, Jackie noticed, stood up to go and get it from him so he wouldn't poke his eye out, he ran away, fell down, and almost poked his eye out.

"You Will Give Me All Your Candy"

 After being Chewbacca in 2011, we decided to have Bobby be a Jedi this year. We wanted to recycle the Chewy costume so Will used that. Jackie is obsessed with Harrison Ford so I got to be Han while she was Leia. 

 Once Bobby learned his power, he couldn't stop using the force. Everyone played along and would fly back whenever he threw his hand up like this. When we tried putting him to bed later that night, he remembered to use the force to keep us away. It was so funny.

 Aurora makes for a beautiful Dorothy

 Han and his little sidekick

 Bobby looks a little concerned with Jonathan using his power

 Bobby enjoyed getting the candy...

 ...but he preferred to go pick up leaves in the dirt.

 Cousin Ben showing them his score.

 All of the cousins together.

 All of the adults

Now we will switch to a few pictures of the night of Halloween. All of the previous pictures were from the Trunk or Treat of the another ward in our stake that we crashed.

The highlight of the night was Bobby knocking on Grandma and Grandpa's house and then telling Grandpa, "You will give me all your candy" while doing the hand motion of a Jedi mind trick. I love it when he actually repeats what I tell him to say.

 Aurora showing Bobby how it is done.

Has anyone seen my candy?

Monday, November 5, 2012

John's Wedding

 We made the drive out to Utah on October 11th, right after work so we could make it to my buddies wedding in Draper on that Saturday. We left Portland around 4 pm and pulled into my parents house at about 5 am their time. A solid 12 hours of driving, and that is actually the fastest I have ever done that trip. We didn't really stop anywhere for dinner so that helped. Believe it or not, I kept myself awake by listening to the most recent conference talks. I can't believe that myself but I was eating it up.

It was fun to see John and meet his wife Lindsay. It was also nice to catch up with Christian, Kennedy, and their son Jay. Meanwhile, it was always great to hang out with my family.

 Hangin' with uncle Mikey

Here's how our family pictures always go down... out of 4 looking

 ...two out of 4 looking

 ...three out of 4 looking

 ...still only three out of 4 looking

...and someone crying to finish it off.

 Bobby loves timed cameras

 I wasn't even going to try

Bobby liked roasting the marshmallows, but loved when they caught on fire.