Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oregon in December

 Even though the month started off a little Grimm, with one of the Wisemen losing his head, it turned out to be a great month. 

 Here's a picture of Will stealing Margie's chips. Busted.

 The weekend of the 15th was a quick, family party at the beach house. It's rare to get snow in Portland but we've had snowy weekends the past two years on the Beach House trip. Lucky us. We started to make our way up the mountain but started losing traction near the start of the climb so we decided to turn around. Everyone else had already pulled off to chain up. 

We drove back to the nearest Les Schwab and picked up some chains. It took us a little over an hour to get back to the mountain. When we got back, quite a few cars had gone through so you could see pavement. I passed all of the people chaining up and decided to just go for it. We made it up the hill fine and definitely took our time on the way down. It was one of the most beautiful drives through those canyons that I have ever had.

 Hooked on candy.

 We couldn't find Bobby for a little bit. It turns out he had snuck into our bedroom to take a hit from his binky. We only let him have it when he goes to bed so we occasionally find him sneaking in a suck.

 I almost had the perfect picture.

 This will do.

 Gingerbread (graham cracker) time.

 Final projects. Pretty sure Jackie won.

 The annual Rheinlander get together. It's always fun to hear the Donkin's sing, along with all of their old co-workers. 

 On the way home we drove through Peacock lane. A short little street where all of the houses put on a pretty good show. Last year we went on a Friday night and it took us forever. We probably sat in the neighborhood traffic for 45 minutes before we finally got to drive through. On this Monday night, we sailed right on in, even had time to drive through twice.

 If Will is without one shoe, I'll put my money that his left shoe has come off. It has been that way every time except for once. I don't know what happened that one time but he definitely knows how to get that left shoe off.

 Donkin Christmas Party.

 It wasn't too long until a wrapping war started. This might have been the one to hit me square on my face.

 Ben was getting into it.

 Singing time