Sunday, March 31, 2013

January Brotherly Love

 Bobby is money at drawing circles now. Will is money at drawing on himself.

 Here's a little morning wrestling session...

 Will is definitely more of the aggressor when it comes to wrestling. Bobby is more about cheap shots.

 Sun came out but it was still very cold. Boys liked to run around for a little bit. Will asks to "go outside" everytime you open the blinds or curtains.

 Will was not happen to have to come back inside.

 I asked the boys to pretend to be asleep. Bobby obliged, Will not so much.

 I love asking them to give each other hugs.

 Both boys love to get silly before bed. Here is Bobby in Mommy's robe.

 And Will in the adult 3D glasses.

 Sometimes Bobby parties to hard and can't make it to his bed.

 Occasionally Bobby likes to sit at the big boy table.

 Will appreciating my jokes again.

 Almost impossible to vacuum these days.

 Turned my head for a second and then I saw Will crawling into the little hole at Lowe's.

January Fun

 We went to Red Robin at the beginning of the year before we sent Margie off to Thailand. Will likes my jokes.

The first weekend of the year has been spent at the beach now for two years in a row. We take the young men and let them party all night as long as they plan their activities for the year. I was battling a gnarly cold/flu so it wasn't the best weekend, but still pretty fun. The waves were the best I have seen at her beach house.

Another activity of the Young Men in January included "larping" (live action role playing). They dress up in silly costumes...
 ...and then pretend to fight each other...

 Will laid down on my to watch some TV, something he rarely does. You hate it when they are sick but you have to reap the benefits like this.

 Some quality time with uncle Davey
 Will got a gnarly gash on his forehead as he rolled off our bed one morning. He hit the corner of the night stand and started screaming. Jackie picked him up real quickly and he had blood everywhere. I'm glad I wasn't there because I would have freaked out. Jackie's a good Mom. I got a picture text from Jackie of Will sitting on a hospital bed with a huge bandage wrapped around his head about 2 minutes before I was giving a little presentation to about 60 people at work.

 January also included the first royal rumble I have watched in about 15 years. This was a cake that one of the guys made, very impressive.

 Monday nights now include dress up and acting out the lesson.

 Will loves to chance down any kind of ball.