Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grandpa Emmett Loves Me

Kind of a hard title to come up with. It's a true statement though, one beaten into my head since I was a little kid. My Grandpa Emmett passed away on September 27th with many from my family there for his last moments. We flew out that weekend for the funeral and it was good to be with family. I didn't take any pictures that weekend so all of the following are from my sister's camera.

She happened to take a picture of the guest list on the Portland temple page

The skis in the bouquet was a nice touch

He donated a lot of money to USU over the years

We piled snowflakes that the grandchildren made onto the coffin. Of course, the kind of snowflakes that come in a groomed, corduroy form, the way Grandpa would have wanted it.

Grandpa's site overlooks USU's Romney Stadium. I'm sure he enjoyed the Aggies wooping of the Cougars that day.

Bobby enjoyed the tease of riding in the car while not in his car seat. Someday.

It was an emotional weekend to say the least. I couldn't have asked for a better grandfather.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More September Fun

Bobby got a high chair

We went to a surprise party for Allison

Bobby acted super cute

I bought Kirby's Avalanche on the wii and remembered my younger days. Bobby will sit in my lap and pretty much love whatever I'm doing/watching

Bobby wore his first tie, and pretty much ate it the whole time he was wearing it

Jackie remembers to sit him up while I take pictures and I think he looks so much better when he does.

I played in a Tuesday night softball league and we start another fall league this Saturday.

Bobby had his first piano lesson

It's a Birthday Party

I celebrated my 26th birthday on September 13th. Meanwhile, my cousin Ben celebrated the birth of his baby girl.

Bobby was happy to see his old man with the camera

Jeri's birthday is the 14th so we had a combined birthday party for FHE

Jonnie made the most delicious fruit pizza/cookie treats. I wish my birthday was everyday. She made a big one that we all ate that night so I was able to save this for lunch the following day.

Bobby enjoyed having Jeri set up the paper towels...

... so he could knock them over.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was a blast as we took advantage of the extended weekend and flew over to Utah. The trip was dual-purposed. One reason was to go for Isabel's baby blessing that was held that Sunday. The second was to have one last visit with my Grandpa. Yes, happy, yet sad, yet happy. Grandpa actually passed away last week but we feel very fortunate we were able to get out there and see him one last time. Before we left his house, he told me to take care of my beautiful family. I'm glad he was able to meet Bobby a couple of times.

Well, right before we left for Utah, Margie came by to say goodbye. She's going to school out in Hawaii and wouldn't be in Portland still by the time we got back.

Just like his Daddy, he enjoys the view in the mirror

Margie had fun putting him in the sink for a little photo session

On that Friday we went over to Midway to hang out with John's family and to check out Swiss Days, always good for a Navajo Taco. The number of grandkids equals the number of kids right now for my parents and yet the grandkids still get most of the love.

I walked around the shops for about 3 minutes until I was too hot and realized I wasn't really interested in what they had to offer so I went back to the shade to play with Bobby. He looks pretty good in those Wayfarers... well as the backwards Angel's hat

After Swiss Days we went over to Park City to ride the Alpine Slide as well as the roller coaster. That roller coaster is amazing. So much fun because you are positive you are going to fly off of the track.

On Saturday we went up to Logan to hang out with Grandpa. I didn't get any pictures with him and Bobby so I'm disappointed now.

Bobby Effect: The inherent ability of a young baby to make "shotgun" be the last seat called in a moving vehicle.

Blessing day. That sun was way too bright, where are my glasses?

We have about 7 of these pictures so it was hard to just put up 2

On Labor Day we went into Provo to meet up with some of our friends. After that we went back to my parents house, packed up, and then met up with John and his family in Salt Lake for a little dinner at the mall.

Bobby and Lily raced down the escalator and it came down to a photo finish...

...with Lily just barely edging out the distracted Bobby.

Waiting for the plane, why not pick up a good book.

We got home just in time for Family Home Evening and this was the scene as soon as we got home. Bobby was gone for 4 days and was surely missed by his family out here.