Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring Training

 I love walking up to this stadium in March (although this time it was actually still February)

 My Angel (awwww)

Too bright
One of the days we bagged going to a game and went on a hike with Margie and Jackie's cousin, Clint.
Wind Caves, just outside of Mesa.

 We did a little horseback riding that day as well.

 Margie showed us how it's done.

 Here's the gang. Ryan and I did our first trip in 2007. We added Jackie, Bekah, and Chris in 2008. Dana joined for her first trip in 2011.

 My favorite part of spring break is going to the open batting practice the Angels have on away games. It's free to just walk in and watch them. There is usually about 20-30 people and that is it.

 Jackie got Josh Hamilton's autograph.

 Most of the people waited on the sideline for signatures but we spent most of our time sitting on the front row, trying to be apart of their conversations.

 On that Saturday we went to a Padre's game to appease Chris.

 I'm pretty sure this was Jackie's favorite part of the trip, the reunion with the boys. They loved their souvenir Angel's hats.

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