Sunday, June 2, 2013

February Fun

 The boys got to have lunch with Daddy. Cheetos!!

 Taking advantage of a dry day in February

 They love their girl cousins

 Will eventually caught the bug, the one that everyone seemed to catch this winter. His crib was a mess so we put him on the floor in our room on top of a bunch of towels. Of course, he was able to get off the towels just in time to throw up.

 This kid loves to hide. As evidence above and below.

 Christmas sweatshirts! Twins!

 I feel lucky that we still haven't found any bums living near this trail in our neighborhood.

 The kids came and visited me at work one day so that was a lot of fun. Bobby was pretty excited.

 We went out for lunch and they spent most of the time crawling around.

 Bobby stuck his Cindarella in this jug thing at work. It was the perfect squeeze. It went all the way in and I didn't think we were going to get it back. We were able to work it into this position but we couldn't get any good grip to pull it out. We worked at it for about 30 minutes and finally were able to get her out. We had to bend a letter opener to do it but Bobby was pretty stoked.

Ta da!

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